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Senorady is situated in a west part of The Southern Moravia Region in Czech Republic, which is a part of European Union.

Senorady was first mentioned in 1348. There were also found prehistoric settlements, antique coins and copper tools.

In our village live about four hundred people. Before people worked as farmers and now many of them work in near cities.

Senorady lies in a tourist region between two rivers - Jihlava and Oslava. Round the village are many ruins of castles - Sance, Templstyn, Kravi Hora, Levnov.. These castles and also many places around our village are storied.

In Senorady lived Ctibor Zarubsky z Hoferic (16th century) - the supreme protector of Marshal's District of Moravsky Krumlov, Frantisek Lemberk - teacher and antifascist fighter, and Josef Matousek - teacher and writer.

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